With exclusions – household effects (white goods/furniture/glass etc)
• Depot to Door Step
• Freight must be packaged/boxed/crated prior to arranging freight to the respective depot, as we do not provide packing facilities.
NWC will transport Motorcycles only on a depot to depot basis (have to crated by customer)
NWC doesn’t carry any dangerous Goods.
(Please refer to Dangerous Goods on the Terms And Conditions)
Claims are handled by a team based at the HO in Pune. All claims are registered through email or then via an intimation received by the customer or operations team. After a thorough investigation, internal corrective actions are taken and all documents pertaining to the claim (invoice copy, claim letter, etc.) are collected and COF is issued within 30 days.

If you have a specific question or enquiry about our services, please complete the online query form.